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青岛朗阁:2016年5月365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗口语准确预测及参考答案



???发布日期:2016-04-26 12:13

摘要:报考5月份365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗考试的小伙伴们赶紧看过来啊~青岛朗阁老师来为各位365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗考生送福利了~那就是最准确的365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗口语预测题,还有详细的参考答案哦~365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗小伙伴们还等什么,赶紧收好!

  报考5月份365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗考试的小伙伴们赶紧看过来啊~青岛朗阁老师来为各位365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗考生送福利了~那就是最准确的365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗口语预测题,还有详细的参考答案哦~365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗小伙伴们还等什么,赶紧收好!

  365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗口语 Part 1

  Do you live in a house or an apartment?

  I live in an apartment because an apartment is cheaper than a house. At present I cannot afford a house, which would cost me millions of US dollars. But I feel that it is convenient to live in a flat, which is close to the schools, office blocks, hospitals and shopping malls.

  What do you like most about your home?

  Well, probably what I like most about my home is that we have a really great river view, because we live quite high up, on the 20th floor, and our flat is right next to the river. So I feel really lucky to have such a nice view, and I never get tired of it.

  Is there anything you would like to change about your home?

  Thinking about it, I’d say there probably is, yeah, for example one thing I would quite like to do is knock down the wall between my kitchen and the living room, because at the moment, there’s not much space in the kitchen, so if we got rid of the wall, it would make everything much more spacious, I think.

  (Similar to above) What do you think could be improved about your home?

  Well, I kind of like my home the way it is, but I guess if I had to change anything, then one thing I might do would be to get rid of the wall between my living room and kitchen, as it would then make things a lot more spacious.

  What's your favorite room?

  I would say my favorite room is probably my living room, firstly because that’s where the TV is, and secondly because it’s got big floor-to-ceiling windows which overlook the river, so we have a really cool view. Oh and one more thing to mention would be that it’s by far the most spacious room in the flat, because all the other rooms are about half the size, if not less.

  How is that room decorated?

  Well, regarding the walls, we’ve got a few family pictures hanging up, which gives the room a nice personal feel. And as for the flooring, we basically just decided to use ceramic tiles, because they’re very practical in terms of keeping clean, but we’ve also put a small carpet down by the sofa to make that area a little bit cozier. So all in all I’d say it’s a really nice room for chilling out in.

  365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗口语 Part 2

  Describe a historical place you went to

  You should say

  What the historical place was

  Where the historical place was

  When and with whom you went there

  And explain what you like about the historical place

  The historical place that I want to describe is the Bund of Shanghai, which had the history of more than 200 years. The Bund, with a length of 1.5 kilometers, is located in the Huangpu District which is downtown Shanghai. On the east of this area, you won't miss the mother river of Shanghai - Huangpu River; and on the west of it, you will see the 1930s resplendence of Shanghai proved by a row of buildings of variegated western architectures titled as 'the museum of international architecture’.During the colonization period of Shanghai about 200 years ago, many European,colonists came to Shanghai to make fortunes. Meanwhile, they built a lot of buildings in the Bund. Those buildings had different styles of those European countries,including gothic, romanesaue and baroque. I went there so many times because I am a local Shanghainese. The most recent time was 3 months ago. I went to the Bund with my parents and my wife to experience the culture of the 1930s Shanghai. I like many aspects of the Bund. The first aspect is that the Bund combines the western and Chinese elements, in which you could see Chinese history and western influence.The second aspect I like about the Bund is that it is the most popular tourist attraction in China so I would meet many people from home and abroad, and talk with them about the things happened in Shanghai and overseas. The third aspect I like the Bund is that it is the cultural symbol of Shanghai. Whenever I wander in the Bund, I’m proud of the city I am living in.

  365bet 网站_365bet提款要几天_365bet现在还安全吗口语 Part 3

  Why do some people like to go to historical places?

  One reason is that visiting some historical places enables people to learn something about history and enrich their knowledge. The tour guides normally tell some interesting historical stories and we can know more about the culture. Another reason is that some historical places help people to ease stress.

  What are some popular historical places in China?

  I think the most popular historical place among Chinese people is palace, coz people can see a lot of delicate handcrafts and palaces always reflect the popular style of the buildings at ancient time. By visiting palaces, people can also get an understanding of the prosperity at that time, and this may give the visitors a sense of pride.

  Do you think museums should be free?

  Um….yeah, ideally I think they should be, because they’re great educational resources. But if it’s not possible, then a small entrance fee I guess is acceptable,because that will help a museum cover its costs and stay running. Alternatively,museums could be free and have a donation box, so that if you can afford to donate something towards the upkeep, then you have the opportunity to do so.

  Are young people in your country interested in historical museums?

  Yeah, I think most young people are, to a varying degree. So in other words, I think young people here have at least some level of interest in them, although it’s probably fair to say that they’re not that high up on the list of favorite things to do! You know,I’d say the young here are generally a lot more interested in stuff like computer games and foreign TV series, but history’s deeply rooted in our culture, so I think it will always hold some level of interest for anyone in my country, both young and old.

  How can more people become interested in history?

  I’m not that sure, but I suppose um… the way it’s taught at school could be improved,and possibly made more interesting. So for example, instead of simply staying in the classroom, teachers could take students out more to visit historical sites and anything of historical relevance. So that’s one thing, and as well as this I guess, um…,increasing the amount of historical documentaries on TV could also have a positive effect on developing people’s interest in history.And finally I think parents can play an important role by introducing history and all its wonders to their children, and if they do it well, then I’m sure it’s going to help children develop an interest in it.

  Tell me some movies or music about history in your country.

  There are countless! Um… where do I begin?! Let me have a quick think! Um… Ok,well, one that comes to mind is a film called Hong Gaoliang, which I think was directed by Zhang Yimou. And you might have heard of him, because he also directed the Beijing Olympics. But anyway, going back to the film, it is set in the early 1900s and it’s basically about what happened during that time, which included the War of Resistance against Japan. That’s about all I can remember because it was ages ago when I watched it.

  What do most people like to do when they visit a historical site?

  I guess what the majority of people do is just, like, taking photos of the place. That’s really the main thing. But as well as that, most people will also look at the things on display and uh, what else? Um…Oh yeah, and maybe buy one or two souvenirs to take back home as mementos. So that’s pretty much it really!

  Would you say movies help people develop more interest in history?

  Yeah, I’d say they can, because after all, movies are quite vivid and so they make history come alive. And another thing is that a lot of people can’t be bothered to read a book about history, but they’d gladly go and watch a film about it, simply because movies are a bit more entertaining. So yeah, I’d say they generally do help people become more interested in history.

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